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Pizzas and Grilled Delicacies at our Restaurant in Spoleto

Be it lunch or dinner, Bicigrill is an ideal choice for meals at all times. Owing to the care taken in selecting the best ingredients and impeccable skills of the staff, the restaurant has become a reputed name in good food. Revisiting traditional recipes with love we offer each customer an authentic experience to cherish and enjoy. Not only do we serve our delicacies to our a la carte guests, but you can also get a taste of them at the birthday parties and other events we host at Bicigrill. Another highlight at our restaurant is our “Karaoke Nights” which is popular among groups of friends as it gives them an opportunity to bond and create some unforgettable memories.

Our kitchen

The menu we offer is distinguished by extensive research and the selection of quality materials easily available in close proximity. Our food reflects attributes of eco sustainability, namely non-intensive farming, organic products and more. From pasta to pizzas to grills, the restaurant is capable of satisfying even the most demanding requirements and detailed orders. Our menus are adaptable to different seasons and can also be customized for people with allergies and intolerances. Based on our crowd-pulling ability and our extensive car parking space, Bicigrill has a bright future ahead.
To book a table, please write in to us on

To book a table please write to us on

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